Welcome to my Page


Welcome to another year of learning and growing!

This year I will be wearing several hats, as I am delivering three different programs.

One of my responsibilities is to provide the English Second Language program (ESL) to several of our students. This program is offered to students whose first language is not English and need extra support in acquiring English.

My second responsibility is providing Literacy Support to those students in Division 1 who may need a little extra instruction in Language Arts.

Lastly, I will be delivering our FNMI (First Nation, Metis and Inuit) program to all students at Woodbridge Farms.   

I look forward to working with all of your children and know this will be a fantastic year!


Anita Sisson

Homework Tips


 1.  Allow your child to unwind and play right after school.  Then your child will be more willing to sit down and complete his/her homework.

2.  Provide a quiet, comfortable place for your child to do his/her work.  Get your child in the habit of doing his/her homework away from the distraction of television or toys.

3.  Show an interest in your child's work.  Talk about the events of the day and review their agendas to check for any homework assignments.  Try to get beyond the "I don't know" and "nothing" responses that are so common with this age.

4.  Make it clear to your child that homework is his/her responsibility.  This means writing their homework assignments into their agendas on a daily basis. By grade 6, the students will be responsible for doing this on their own.  All homework assignments will be posted on the board. However, be sure that your child also knows that you are there to help if needed.

5.  Ask your child to show you his/her work when it is completed.  Consider yourself a consultant and not an editor evaluating and proofreading your child's work.