Welcome to Grade 4 at Woodbridge Farms School!  This is a year of growth and rewards, as you use the lessons of the primary grades to help you build your skills for the future.  I am looking forward to working as a team to make this an exciting and successful school year.

Classroom Expectations

Be Respectful!

Be Responsible!

Be Ready!

Your Teachers This Year

Language Arts -- Ms. Nadema

Mathematics -- Ms. Nadema

Science -- Ms. Nadema

Social Studies -- Mme Giovannoni

FSL -- Ms. Nadema

Health -- Ms. Nadema

Art -- Ms. Nadema

Music  -- Mrs. Newton

Physical Education -- Mme Giovannoni



The following is a link to the Learn Alberta website for Grade 4 curriculum:


Classroom Reminders

  • In Division 2, students are assigned a locker for their lunch, backpacks, and outdoor clothing.¬† The staff encourage students to keep their lockers tidy and to remember to keep them closed when not being used.
  • Students will need two pairs of shoes: one for outdoor play and one to use indoors and for gym classes.
  • Water bottles are allowed in the classrooms, providing they do not become a problem at the student's desk, and that they are taken home every day to be cleaned and refilled.
  • Student agendas are a great way to communicate between home and school.¬† Parents are urged to read and sign their child's agenda every day.¬† Please contact me should any issues arise that cause concern and need to be discussed.