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Monthly Update - June

Notes from the Principal's Desk:

We have made it to June! With only a small number of school days left it is time to reflect upon all of the successes that we have had in this tumultuous year. In spite of all of the changes and hardship that we have all had to endure, students have been safe, shown tremendous progress and have had a lot of fun in the process!

Next year will be our the 4th year in our 4-year School Education Plan. Take a look at the current version for what we have planned for next year. We will continue to have a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and citizenship.

Also now available on our website are our school results from the annual EIPS Parent Survey. Thank you to all 90 parents who filled out the survey and gave us some feedback. We are overwhelmed by the positive results! 
2020-21 Parent Survey results: Woodbridge Farms

Speaking of surveys, we are hoping to get some specific feedback from our parents regarding how we've done this year with the changes we've had to make due to COVID. We'd also like to know what you're looking forward to us bringing back in a post-COVID school year. The survey will be open until Wednesday. Thank you to those of you have have already taken the time to let us know how we're doing. Your involvement in this process is important! If you haven't had a chance to give us your opinion, you can fill out the survey here:

Over the weekend, work began on the front beds of our school. It is time for them to receive a much needed makeover. Thank you to Stephanie, Andrew, Curtis and Quaid who volunteered their time to help out along with Mrs. Pearn, Miss Gatti, Mrs. Andrekson, Mrs. Newton and Mr. Pearn. It looks beautiful already! In a couple of weeks' time, we will be looking for a few more volunteers to help spread and rake new mulch that will be delivered.


Walking Together
Indigenous History Month

June is Indigenous History Month. Every June, the histories, contributions, cultures and diversity of First Nations, Métis and Inuit are recognized and celebrated across Canada. Explore this blog to find out why this month was proclaimed.

The Division has started a new blog, tawâw, miyoonakishkatoohk, welcome!, that will feature different posts about the wonderful activities and teachings that are happening around the Division, as well as links to important information for furthering your own education about First Nations, Metis and Inuit culture and history. One post, entitled Our Connection to Our Land and Place, features Woodbridge Farms and the work Elder Bert and Mrs. Sisson have done with our classes around land based learning and the artwork of Metis artist, Christi Belcourt.

June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day where schools throughout the Division will have different activities planned to mark the occasion.


Parental Involvement

We have another upcoming fundraising opportunity with Panago Pizza. On Thursday, June 10th, you can receive 15% off any pickup order at the Wye Road Panago Pizza by using the code "PANA15". An additional 15% will be donated to the school as a fundraiser! 

Volunteers are an integral part of the successful operation of Woodbridge Farms. Every parent of a Woodbridge student is automatically a member of the Parents' Association. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our last meeting in March! We had a great (virtual) turnout. EVERYONE is welcome to join us for each meeting and your input is valued!

Next School Council and Parents Association Meeting:

  • September, 2021
    • Annual General Meeting


Information and past meeting minutes can be found on our School Council and Parents Association page.

Fundraising is a great way for parents to get engaged with school. We have a number of ongoing fundraisers:

One of the priorities for EIPS this year is to parental engagement. This brochure helps explain and shares examples of how parents can be engaged in their child's school.
EIPS Parental Engagement Brochure

Calendar and Important Dates:

June 2 Early Out/Staff Meeting
June 10 Panago Pizza Night
June 11 Twin Day
June 17 Lockdown Drill
June 18 Sports Theme Day
June 21 National Indigenous Peoples Day
June 23 Grade 6 Farewell
June 25 Canada Day at Woodbridge
June 25 Last Instructional Day
June 25 Report Cards Issued

Aug 25 School Office Opens

Sept 1 First Day of School


School Information Items:

Want to know what is going on each week at WBF?
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Announcements are done weekly on our Youtube channel. If you're at home, you can check out the new season of WBFTV here:



Division Information Items:

2020-21 EIPS Parent Survey: Results now available 
The 2020-21 EIPS Parent Survey results are now available. In April, the Division conducted the annual survey, which helps EIPS gauge its progress toward meeting the goals and priorities outlined in its Four-Year Education Plan. Families were asked a series of questions about their experiences with EIPS and the school their child attends, the overall performance of the Division, the quality of education being provided to students and areas for improvement.  

Thank you to all families who took the time to share their feedback with the Division. Overall, the survey received 3,198 responses from parents and guardians across EIPS—up by more than 230 responses from the previous year. EIPS will now review the feedback in detail and use it to develop new strategies to serve students and the wider community better.  

The full results are available online: 

2020-21 Parent Survey results: EIPS 
2020-21 Parent Survey results: Woodbridge Farms


Updating Your Contact Information
Have you recently moved, or has your contact information changed throughout the past year? EIPS encourages families to review the information it has on file to ensure it’s up to date. Using the Correction and Verification Form, available through the PowerSchool Parent Portal, families can review the current information on file for each student—addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, parent and guardian information, emergency contacts, medical details and other related information—and submit any updates needed. 

Reviewing and updating the form ensures the Division has the most up-to-date information regarding your child. Your review is especially important if there’s any communication the Division or school needs to send out over the summer months related to classes next year.

All EIPS families are asked to review their child’s Correction and Verification Form by Monday, June 14 at noon. After this time, the form will be turned off for the remainder of the school year and not available again to families until the start of the 2021-22 school year.

NOTE: Only submit updates for the changes that have already taken place. If you’re moving this summer, you’ll submit the necessary updates to your address through the Correction and Verification Form at the start of next school year after you’ve moved.

If you have questions about the form or are having trouble with your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, contact the school at 780-464-3330.


Summer Hours at Elk Island Public Schools 

Throughout the summer break, Woodbridge Farms is closed. It reopens on August 25 at 9:00am. If you have any school-related questions or concerns while the school is closed, contact EIPS Central Services—the office is open all summer to complete year-end activities and prepare for the 2021-22 school year.  Students return to school on September 1. 

EIPS Central Office Summer Hours: June 28 to August 24 

Open:  Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Phone: 780-464-3477 
Address: 683 Wye Rd., Sherwood Park 

Statutory Holidays 

Closed July 1 Canada Day 
Closed August 2 Heritage Day 

NOTE: Student Transportation also remains open during the summer months—operating during the same hours as EIPS Central Services.  


Tools for School 

Woodbridge Farms has once again partnered with the United Way for the 2021-22 Tools for School campaign. Annually, Tools for School provides backpacks and school supplies to students in kindergarten through Grade 12 whose families have limited resources. If you’re a parent or know a parent who needs access to the program, contact the school directly. Staff will discretely provide the backpack to the child at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to donate to the program, you can pick up a few extra supplies when you’re out shopping for back-to-school. Drop-off boxes are located at various businesses in the community during the summer months—including Staples and the EIPS Central Services office. All supplies donated within the community are invested back into the region. 

For more information about Tools for School, contact Mrs. Wells at the school or call the EIPS Central Services at 780-464-3477. 


Student Transportation: 2021-22 registration 
Planning to use Student Transportation in the 2021-22 school year? If so, make sure your child is registered so Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) can plan routes and send your child a bus pass before the first day of school. 

All students who indicated needing transportation services through the returning student registration process are now registered. Those families have also received tentative route schedules and invoices—fees are due June 30, 2021 

For those students who didn’t indicate needing transportation service through the returning student registration process and want to now register, simply contact EIPS Student Transportation at 780-417-8151 or email 

For more information about EIPS Student Transportation visit 

NOTE: Families can pay fees online using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. To pay in person contact Student Transportation to make an appointment. 


Little Elk Island Adventure: Registration 

Elk Island Public Schools is once again planning to run the Little Elk Island Adventure, a fun and informative program for first-time school bus riders.  

Annually, Student Transportation offers the Little Elk Island Adventure to new riders and their parents. The program’s aim: To help introduce families to busing so they feel comfortable and at ease before even starting school. Through a series of activities, riders learn about school bus safety, danger zones, tips on boarding and how to sit properly on the bus. After that, both the children and parents hop on the bus to practice what they’ve learned by venturing out on a short ride.  

 The Little Elk Island Adventure is for first-time school bus riders entering the 2021-22 school year. The tentative session dates and times are as follows:  


Location                      Date             Time  

EIPS Central Services     August 16     6 p.m. 

EIPS Central Services     August 17     6 p.m. 

EIPS Central Services     August 18     2 p.m. 

EIPS Central Services     August 19     2:30 p.m. 

EIPS Central Services     August 19     6 p.m. 

EIPS Central Services     August 23     9 a.m. 

EIPS Central Services     August 24     6 p.m. 

EIPS Central Services     August 26     6 p.m. 

SouthPointe School        August 25     2:30 p.m. 

SouthPointe School        August 25     6 p.m. 

Dates and times may change depending on the province’s public-health measures. 

IPS Central Services is located at 683 Wye Rd., Sherwood Park 
SouthPointe School is located at 11 SouthPointe Blvd., Fort Saskatchewan 

Register Now  
Space is limited, and pre-registration is required.  

More information about busing for kindergarten children is available at: 


Accessing User Accounts: Students Leaving EIPS
Is your child graduating from or leaving EIPS at the end of the school year? If so, they must ensure any information they want to retain from their school cloud accounts is downloaded onto a personal device before leaving.

  • Google account – Students must download any wanted content before September 1—download files individually or in bulk using Google Takeout.
  • Microsoft account – Students must download any wanted content from their OneDrive account before September 1.

After Sept. 1, 2021, EIPS will deactivate the account and delete all remaining files.

For more information, contact the school at 780-464-3330.

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