Learning Commons Timetable

When you child brings a book(s) home, they are due back in a week. If they are not finished, they can bring the book back to the library to renew it. Thank you for reminding your child/children to be responsible about returning or renewing their books! Please keep all books dry and safe in a ziplock bag. I am sad when my book family is injured due to water, mud, or lunch items. If a book gets lost or damaged, we ask for the price of replacing that book. 

Below you will find a schedule of your child's learning commons time.

Monday : KMTh

Tuesday : 1A, 1B, 4N, 2S, CSP, KTF

Wednesday : 4/5D, 4/5J. ETP

Thursday : 2PS, 3dW,

Friday : 3G, 6B, 6T

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Mrs. Sargeant through email: candace.sargeant@eips.ca or by phone: 780-464-3330.