There are multiple fundraising opportunities that benefit Woodbridge Farms!

Many of our fundraisers use MunchaLunch as a way of ordering and paying for items.  Instructions for MunchaLunch can be found here.

Spring Flowers
March-April 2024

The Parents Association of Woodbridge Farms Elementary School is hosting a flower fundraiser from Blue Grass Nursery.

All orders and payment are due by Wednesday, April 10 via MunchaLunch
Order pick-up is at the school on Wednesday, May 15 from school dismissal until 6pm.

We will need about 2-4 volunteers on Thursday, May 15 to help with organizing orders and pick-up. A sign up email will be sent out separately.

Cotton Candy - Complete - Thank you for your support!
March 2024

Order information can be found here.

Stawnichy’s Fundraiser - Complete - Thank you for your support!
March 2024

We are currently recruiting volunteers for sorting and pick up day on Thursday, March 14. Learn more or sign up here.  
Stawnichy Order Form. 
Questions can be directed to Nana at